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Spin-off initiative

HIHR offers a platform for researchers to connect in an informal setting with agents in the life sciences industry. Getting feedback from these experts could help you understand the potential of your technology. The HIHR Quickfire sessions and pitch-events are a great chance to bridge the gap from early academic innovations to real-world impact.


HIHR helped us enormously in improving our pitch.


Healthy Ideas Healthy Returns is the Benelux network to facilitate connections towards investors and industry partners. Together with the knowledge transfer professionals from your institute we will support you towards the pitch event.

Spin-off initiatives seeking (pre)seed venture funding and early phase projects, not ready for a pitch yet that are looking for feedback are both welcome to apply. The event will bring you input from experienced investors, companies and knowledge transfer professionals.

We offer one HIHR-alumni the floor to present their project once more. If your spin-offs has made significant progress and is seeking additional funding (pre-series A) you are welcome to apply to present your investment opportunity during a 7 minute. In return we ask you to spent 5 minutes in addition to lessons learned in your start up journey. 

Please visit our event page for detailed information and conditions to apply for a pitch-nomination or Quickfire-session.

Apply for a pitch

Are you actively seeking a venture capital investment? Apply for a pitch for the upcoming event.

Register for a Quickfire session

Would you like to discuss your early phase venture project with a small group of investors, entrepreneurs and KTO-professionals?

Apply as HIHR Alumni

Are you looking for additional funding in pre-Series A? Apply for a pitch at the upcoming event.