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Public Research Organisations

Nearly 50 Public Research Organisations (PRO’s) from the Benelux join HIHR to together offer investment opportunities in the Human Health to investors who are interested in early stage ventures.

We welcome knowledge institutes within the Benelux to join our platform and thereby support our initiative.
This includes:


Twice a year HIHR organizes pitch events, with Quickfire sessions scheduled the weeks before.

Partner PRO’s of HIHR are entitled to free tickets to the f2f-pitch events, following their affiliation to HIHR. This concerns both KTO staff and spin-off team members.

Participation in the online Quickfire sessions is free of charge and unlimited.


Pitch nominations are reviewed and selected by the HIHR selection committee.

To support the spin-offs in the preparation, the selected pitch presenters are offered coaching on their pitch presentation. Ultimately, they will pitch at a live event.

Projects that don’t fit the pitch event (yet) are offered a Quickfire session


Premature or very early stage initiatives, are invited to our informal Quickfire sessions to test their concept with investors, industry partners and KTOs professionals.

These sessions are offered online in the weeks prior to the pitch events. In addition QF-presenters are welcome to join the pitch event, to learn from other projects and network with peers, investors and other stakeholders.


HIHR organises lunch webinars four times a year, to share expertise in the academic venture building setting. These webinars take place online and are freely accessible to all employees and spin-off teams of our participating institutions.


As active contributor to and supporter of our academic venture development platform we promote your institution via your logo on the HIHR website and all PR-expressions.


Ability to network with relevant investor and industry stakeholders and your peers at other Public Research Organisations.

Your investment

The quality of the HIHR pitch events is highly relying on the preparation of the initiatives. The respective KTO is responsible for the guidance and preparation of the pitches.

Participation comes with a yearly fee, based on the format of your institution. 
Since 2023 PROs are also able to support us. With your extra commitment you will get extra free tickets per event and exposure as supporter of HIHR. It enables us to continue offering free lunch webinars on specific topics, coaching your spin off teams in their transition towards a market- focused proposition and to continue our networking platform. 

Check here your affiliation to HIHR.

Annual fees2024# free tickets per pitch-event
(incl spin off team members)
Single institution€ 3902
Single supporter€ 5203
Multiple institution€ 6503
Multiple supporter€ 1.0405
(all amounts excluding 21% VAT)

Per event extra participants are welcome for an additional fee with the following rates:

  • € 125 for each next participant
  • € 100 for every 2nd extra person
  • € 75 for every 3rd and subsequent additional participant
    (all amounts excluding 21% VAT)

The additional invoice will be sent to the relevant KTO, unless a different invoice address is specified.

Pricing-schemes are submitted to inflation or other financial developments and are regardless of whether any propositions are being submitted. Fee-adjustments will clearly be communicated prior to the new yearly membership invoice.

We look forward to welcoming you as next member to our growing academic venture building platform!

Step in as Public Research Organisation

Science based knowledge institutes within the Benelux are welcome to join our platform and thereby support our initiative.