Welcome to Healthy Ideas, Healthy Returns, an ‘invitation only’ Benelux platform for tomorrow’s academic Health ventures

28 knowledge institutes from the Benelux offer investment opportunities in the Human Health to investors who are interested in early stage ventures.
This unique event offers valuable networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, allowing them to build up contacts for investments in follow-up programs, as well as a good feedback opportunity for new entrepreneurs to sharpen their propositions.

HIHR is a fast growing network that brings together around hundred investors, spin-offs and TTO-people within the Benelux. The strength and value of HIHR lies in:

  • the joint presentation of spin-off initiatives from all knowledge institutes to the investment community;
  • the focus on quality: pre-selection initiatives by TTOs, prior assessment, practice and coaching of presentations;
  • the creation of a network between knowledge institutes, entrepreneurs and investors; a perfect informal setting to build relationships and to discover what’s in the pipeline.
  • the cooperation between all knowledge institutes in the Benelux. Mass makes power.


Spurring the academic biotech ecosystem in the Benelux towards company creation/financing and create a virtuous circle of healthcare solutions.


Healthy Ideas, Healthy Returns exists to provide a unique networking platform linking the Benelux academic tech transfer offices, academic researchers, entrepreneurs and life science investors allowing for early scientific insights, constructive feedback and financing with the aim to advance healthcare solutions.

HIHR’s mission is threefold:

  • for Academic Entrepreneurs and Knowledge Transfer staff: provide a unique platform for academic spin-off opportunities in life sciences to get access to external expertise and constructive feedback (for business initiatives that are still in the start-up phase) and financing by presenting well-rounded, early stage investment propositions to venture capital investors.
  • for Investors/corporates: access to early stage, science-based innovations and (future) Benelux deal-flow in one single event.
  • Networking: build an active network of scientific founders/entrepreneurs, investors and academic knowledge transfer professionals and share information and contacts. Cross-fertilization between individuals/initiatives through this network is a key asset of our platform.

Participating academic institutions in the Benelux, incl their UMC’s

Radboud umc
Wageningen University & Research

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LC Patents - Arnold & Siedsma

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