Healthy Ideas, Healthy Returns is a growing platform that unites all major biomedical research organizations in the Benelux. HIHR events are attended by all major early stage Venture Capital funds in the Human Health in the Benelux region and the initiative is supported by J&J Innovation, INKEF Capital, BioQube Ventures, Arnold&Siedsma and our supporting companies.

Participating knowledge institutes

Universities: University of Antwerp, Free University of Brussels, University of Ghent, University of Hasselt, KU Leuven, Université de Liège, Université de Mons, Université de Namur, Université Catholique de Louvain, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Academic Medical Centres: Clinique Universitaires Saint Luc, Liège Universty Hospital, Saint Pierre University Hospital, UZ Ghent, UZ Antwerp, UZ Brussel, UZ Leuven,
Institutes: Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), IMEC

University: University of Luxembourg
InstitutesLuxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

The Netherlands
Universities: University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Eindhoven, Free University of Amsterdam, University of Groningen, University of Leiden, University of Maastricht, Radboud University of Nijmegen, Technical University of Twente, University of Utrecht, University of Wageningen
Academic Medical Centres: AmsterdamMC, ErasmusMC, GroningenMC, LUMC, Maastricht UMC, RadboudMC, UtrechtMC, VU-MC
Institutes: Netherlands Cancer Institute, Oncode Institute, Wageningen Research, the Hubrecht Institute, TNO, the Dutch Neuroscience Institute (NIN), Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, represented by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

Step in as research organisation

Science based knowledge institutions within the Benelux are welcome to join our platform and thereby support our initiative. Participation comes with a yearly fee, based on the format of your institution:
– single institutions, €300, ex VAT
– multiple institutions €500, ex VAT (e.g. a university in combination with academic hospital)
Pricing-scheme is submitted to inflation or other financial developments and is regardless of whether any propositions are being submitted. Fee-adjustments will clearly be communicated prior to the new yearly membership invoice.

In return we offer:

1. two pitch events a year (end of May on the eve of Knowledge for Growth (Belgium) and mid November (the Netherlands)), with Quickfire sessions scheduled the weeks before.
Participating institutions of HIHR are entitled to free tickets to the f2f-pitch events for 2 resp 3 people (for single resp multiple institutions). This concerns both KTO staff and spin-off team members.
Additional participants are welcome for an additional fee with the following rates:
– €100 for each next participant
– €80 for every 2nd extra person
– €60 for every 3rd and subsequent additional participant
All amounts excluding 21% VAT.
The additional invoice will be sent to the relevant KTO, unless a different invoice address is specified.
Participation in the online Quickfire sessions is free of charge and unlimited.

2. unlimited registration for pitch presentations (twice a year). Pitch nominations are being reviewed and selected by the HIHR selection committee to safeguard quality to maximise impact. The local TTOs are expected to provide guidance in the application, including the first draft presentation.
Selected pitch presenters are offered coaching on their pitch presentation, including a mandatory participation in a pitch try-out session, where presenters receive tailor made feed back on their pitch. Ultimately, the pitch-presentations will be given at a live event.
Non-selected projects will be offered a Quickfire session instead.

3. unlimited registrations for Quickfire sessions (twice a year). Pre mature / very early stage projects, not ready for a pitch yet, are invited to our individual informal sessions of 45 minutes to test their concept with investors, corporates and other KTOs professionals and have a first acquaintance with other stakeholders. Quickfire sessions are offered online and scheduled in the weeks prior to the pitch events. In addition QF-presenters are welcome to join subsequentially the pitch event, to get a further acquaintance with pitch-presentations, learn from other projects and to network with peers, investors and other stakeholders.

4. free lunch webinars four times a year, to share expertise in the academic venture building setting. These webinars take place online and are freely accessible to all employees and spin-off teams of our participating institutions.

5. promotion of your institution as active contributor to and supporter of our academic venture development platform via your logo on the HIHR website and all PR-expressions.

6. ability to network with relevant stakeholders.


Future ambitions:

One of our ambitions is to set up a community platform, for all stakeholders of our platform. In addition we have plans to organise mentoring and extend education for spin off teams.


If you are interesting in joining our platform, please let us know by email and:

  • inform us on a primary contact person. In the run-up to the deadline of the pitch nominations we will contact you by telephone to find out if you have any projects in the pipeline but also to stay informed on relevant developments at your organisation.
  • supply us with contact details (name, position, email address) of colleagues/relevant people within your organization to be added to our mailing list. This usually concerns the KTO-director and business developers, but other people are welcome too.
  • provide necessary financial details or information required for the invoice (eg PO number, or specific email address)
  • send us your logo, including one of your relevant institutes (max 2), both in JPEG and EPS or other graphic format.


We look forward to welcoming you as next member to our growing academic venture building platform!

Participating funds / companies

To get an impression of the funds / companies that have participated in our events, you can find here an overview.

Joining as VC, fund or company

HIHR remains an invitation-only based platform, to secure the informal and focused atmosphere. That being said, we warmly welcome VCs, corporates and venture builders to join us and support our platform. Only together with all stakeholders we can improve the academic venture building landscape in the Benelux and support new Spin off teams in their challenging journeys.
We highly appreciate your support both financially and inkind in the direct exchange with young spin off teams.

As independant and not-for profit, private initiative we highly rely on the financial and inkind support of our sponsors and supporters. Whether or not our selected projects fit to your portfolio, the amount of work, preparation and guidance remains the same. Our platform is only possible and viable with you active support. Hereto the following options are possible:
– supporter of HIHR on a yearly base
– sponsor of HIHR with extended options for exposure as supporter of the Benelux academic venture ecosystem
Please find out here the pricing schemes and what HIHR offers you in return.

Next to this it remains possible to participate to our pitch events on an adhoc base. See hereto the information on the respective event pages.

Spin Off companies / projects presented via HIHR

Download here the list of Spin offs / projects that have presented themselves at HIHR since 2016.

joining as Spin Off company or early stage project

Healthy Ideas Healthy Returns aims to facilitate interaction between venture builders and accelerators on the one hand, and (future) science based spin-off teams on the other hand.  Whether you are a company, seeking your first external venture funding or only a very early stage pre-mature project that would like to receive feedback on your idea from experienced investors or entrepreneurs, you all are welcome to apply for a seat. Please visit our event page for detailed information and conditions to apply for a pitch-nomination or Quickfire -session. 

Syllabi of past HIHR editions with summaries of projects

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events!

Participating academic institutions in the Benelux

Radboud umc
TU Delft
Wageningen University & Research

Preferred partner

Silver partners

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