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Investors & industry partners

To secure our informal and focused atmosphere HIHR is an invitation-only based platform. We warmly welcome VCs, corporates and venture builders to participate and support our platform. If you would like to join us we would be happy to schedule an introduction call.

We highly recommend you to join our Quickfire sessions and express your interest at the registration form. Your input to help these initiatives further shape their ideas is hugely valued.

After registration you will receive the syllabus with summaries of all spin off initiatives (pitch- and QF-sessions) and Outlook invites with MS Teams links of the respective Quickfire sessions, following the indication of your choice.

Strengthening academic ventures in the Benelux

Together with all stakeholders we can improve the academic venture building landscape in the Benelux and support new spin-off teams in their challenging journeys. We highly appreciate your support both financially and in kind in the direct exchange with young spin-off teams.

By contributing to the HIHR platform you will:

  • on the one hand get easy access to plans of new spin-off initiatives that fit your investment portfolio and meet the teams behind them;
  • on the other hand strengthen the HIHR spin-off-VC platform by providing input to young teams that are eager to learn from your expertise;
  • and support Healthcare innovators in the Benelux.

Since 2016, 177 projects have presented themselves at HIHR


Our events are not possible without the support of our sponsors. If you feel positive towards our initiative, value our unique and strong focus or would like to actively help young academic entrepreneurs, then we encourage you to become one of our sponsors. By sponsoring HIHR you contribute to building up and strengthening the academic Benelux venture ecosystem. It enables you to directly support the young entrepreneurs, by actively contributing to pitch training and/or 1:1 coaching and by priority seating at the quick fire sessions. At the same time your financial support enables us to maintain our independency, increase the professionalism of our pitches and further elaborate our initiative into a Benelux academic venture forum.

The financial and in-kind contribution of our sponsors and supporters enable us to operate as independent and not for profit initiative. We highly value your contribution and have the following options available:

  • supporter of HIHR on a yearly base
  • sponsor of HIHR with extended options for exposure as supporter of the Benelux academic venture ecosystem

Please reach out to us for more information and interest to become a supporter or sponsor

Next to this it remains possible to participate to our pitch events on an adhoc base. If you are interested in joining, you’re kindly requested to send an email You’ll then receive an invite for our next HIHR-edition, including a link to the online investor-registration form.

Collaborating with HIHR as event partner was definitely a succes for our science park. The high quality pitches and inspirational presentations, as well as the good mechanism of interactions are of great value to extend our network. A unique opportunity to inform spin-offs of our supporting services.


Joining as VC, fund or company

HIHR remains an invitation-only based platform, to secure the informal and focused atmosphere. That being said, we warmly welcome VCs, corporates and venture builders to join us and support our platform.

Preferred Partner

Golden Partner

Silver Partners

Participating funds and corporates

Many leading funds and venture developers are participating in our events. Found out here the list of all investors and industry partners that have joined our pitch sessions.