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Core group

With the growing number of PRO’s that contribute to HIHR, a larger organization committee for future HIHR events became desirable. To this extend a core group has been set up to address the long-term sustainability of our initiative, as well as financing options and other strategic issues.

The following people have currently accepted a seat in the core group:

  • Roel Bulthuis, INKEF Capital
  • Duko Drijfhout, Erasmus MC
  • Daisy Flamez, University Ghent
  • Joris Heus, Amsterdam UMC
  • Annick Houbrechts, Interface Entreprises, University of Liège
  • Clemens Ostrowicz, University of Luxembourg – LCSB – chair
  • Bram Perdu, KU Leuven Research & Development
  • Esther Rodijk, TTT MedTech and UTwente
  • Claar-els van Delft, Riverside Project Management

Past core group members are:

  • Paul Van Dun, KU Leuven Research & Development
  • Frank van de Ven, Technical University Eindhoven
  • Koen Verhoef, Netherlands Cancer Institute – co founder
  • Dominic De Groote, University Ghent – co founder
  • Oscar Schoots, Incubator Utrecht – co founder
  • Filip Goossens, PMV

Selection committee

Projects will be pre-selected by a relevant advisory committee to assure quality and to maximise impact. The selection committee assesses the nominated spin-offs, classifies the nominations into pitches and reviews the presentation of selected Spin-offs.

As per July 2022 the selection committee consists of the following members:

  • Daisy Flamez, University of Ghent
  • Louise Hoppel, Radboud UMC
  • Duko Drijfhout, Erasmus MC
  • Clemens Ostrowicz, University Luxembourg – (LCSB)
  • Bram Perdu, KU Leuven Research & Development  – chair selection cie
  • Esther Rodijk, TTT MedTech and UTwente
  • Carla van Heck, Wageningen University & Research 

Past members

  • Rudi Cuyvers, KU Leuven Research & Development Spin-off and Innovation
  • Shobhit Dhawan, Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund
  • Aard Groen, University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • Annick Houbrechts, Interface Entreprises, University of Liège
  • Jasper Keyman, Erasmus MC (University of Rotterdam)
  • Thijs van den Munckhof, UNIIQ / University of Leiden
  • Griet VanPoucke, VIB
  • Henri Theunissen, Brightlands (University of Maastricht)


The event organisation, general management and support of the core group and selection committee is taken care of by Claar-els van Delft, Riverside Project Management, with support of Carla van Heck, business developer at Heck Innovations.

For any inquiries on HIHR please contact or by mobile phone +31 6 2848 0549.

Carla van Heck

Claar-els van Delft

Claar-els van Delft