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KTO/Spin Off Registration Form HIHR-6
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Please mark your interest in the following 14 quickfire sessions, preferably before May 31 (for planning purposes):

1. Cenya imaging
Translatable multimodal imaging agent for tracking cell therapies in vivo. Measuring biodistribution of cell therapies in humans
MedTech/Diagnostics - RadboudUMC
2. GenoMask
Early stage filtering and masking for genomic information protection
eHealth/Datascience - ULuxembourg
3. HeartKinetics
Remote cardiac mechanical function monitoring to prevent heart failure patients rehospitalization
MedTech/Diagnostics; eHealth datascience - ULB
4. Levels Diagnostics
A test to differentiate viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections
MedTech/Diagnostics - ULeiden
5. LiveDrop
The single-cell manipulator that helps fighting against serious disease
Therapeutics/Biotech - ULiege
6. Nium SARL
FHM Change initiative; Acting on Food, Habit and Metabolism to promote better health
eHealth/Datascience - ULuxembourg
7. PDE4-Inhibitors
A novel target in remyelination; Multiple sclerosis, oligodendrocytes, schwann cells, demyelinationing disorders
Therapeutics/Biotech - UHasselt
Innovative diagnostic blood test identifying stable coronary artery disease (SA) in chest pain patients
MedTech/Diagnostics - UUtrecht
9. Predica Diagnostics
Non-invasive predictive and prognostic diagnostics for cervical cancer
MedTech/Diagnostics - Radboud UMC
Accelerating Drug Development by high throughput protein structure determination
Therapeutics/Biotech - UGhent
11. Taurion
Hunting Fluorescence Lifetime - the next level imaging camera for fluorescence guided surgery
MedTech/Diagnostics - VUB
12. Tumescence Wearable App (TUWA)
A new measurement technique to monitor the penile tumescence and rigidity in a more comfortable way via a wearable patch
MedTech/Diagnostics - UHasselt
13. UFO Biosciences
Functional Single Cell Selection - High-throughput screening of clinically relevant cancer-driving cells
Therapeutics/Biotech - Erasmus MC
14. UPyTher BV i.o.
Setting new standards of care for peritoneal oncology
Therapeutics/Biotech - TUEindhoven
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