HIHR-9, November 16 2021 – (pre) Seed and Series A pitching

HIHR is happy to announce that for HIHR-9 it will team up with the Investor Lounge of EIT-Health.


By combining their events HIHR and EIT-Health aim to better serve their investor communities and member organisations, allowing startup initiatives as well as more mature companies to pitch for a broader range of investments, from Pre-Seed to Series A funding.

We are very pleased to present you our programme for the next f2f-edition, which will take place in Level, Leiden, the Netherlands on Tuesday November 16. In total 21 projects in the Human Health look forward to presenting themselves to you via a pitch or Quickfire session. 
During this hybrid event we offer a start-up module in the morning lead by HIHR, offering 6 new spin off projects seeking their first external funding (pre-Seed and Seed) and a scale-up module in the afternoon lead by EIT Health for 6 companies seeking Bridge- and Series A funding.
Following the success of our previous HIHR editions we will continue offering our well-received Quickfire sessions for potential spin outs that wish to test (present & discuss) their concept with a group of investors / corporates in a small scale, informal setting. These QF-sessions will be organised online in week 46 and 47.

Please find here the draft programme of this edition. A syllabus with summaries of all 21 projects will be sent upon registration.

We hope to welcome many of you in person. The pitch-presentations will be offered via an online connection for those of you who can’t make it to Leiden.


We are very pleased to offer you again an interesting programme with a full range of projects in the human health.
During a start-up module in the morning lead by HIHR, 6 new spin off projects seeking their first external funding (pre-Seed and Seed) will present their cases; whereas the scale-up module in the afternoon lead by EIT Health Investor Lounge presents 6 companies seeking Bridge- and Series A funding.

HIHR offers new entrepreneurial teams/KTOs venture ideas, not pitch ready yet, the opportunity to test their idea / concept with investors, entrepreneurs and corporates in a 45 minute online session, as to learn from their expertise to improve and shape their value proposition. 9 young projects look forward to your feed back on their ideas and first steps. The time table for these Quickfire sessions can be found on the program; times slots are mentioned at the registration form as well.
We also offer these Quickfire sessions to pitchers, to further discuss their investment opportunity more in depth. These Quickfire sessions are mentioned in the second part of the time table and on the registration form.

Summaries of the pitch-propositions and Quickfire sessions will be made available upon registration.


We highly appreciate your input and feed back to the presenter and invite you to share your findings via this evaluation form. This can be done by name or anonymously. Thank you for your feedback!

Venue & Hotel

We look forward to welcoming you in person at Level, a Fletcher Welness Hotel and conferencing facility at the centre of Leiden, the Netherlands. Level is located right at Leiden Central Station with direct train connections to Schiphol airport (15 min), Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Due to its central location, near the A44 and A4 the hotel is easily accessible. Parking space is available (paid) in the garage directly under the Meeting & Event Center.
Our event will take place on the 5th floor, in room ‘de Leidse Meesters’.

There are many hotels in Leiden city centre, but the most convenient might be in the same building, the Fletcher Wellness Hotel – Leiden.
Other hotels can be found here.

For inquiries on parkingspace and hotel rooms, please contact:
LEVEL – https://levelleiden.nl/en
Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Leiden – www.wellnesshotelleiden.nl
Bargelaan 180
2333 CW Leiden
Tel.: +31(0)71 – 870 02 60


We follow the official Covid-19 regulations and thereby will ask for your Corona check app upon entrance of the venue.

Coaching and Online Pitch Training - 20 October 2021

The quality of the pitches is of vital importance to HIHR. Only with well-prepared and well-trained pitches, addressing the required elements, we will be able to attract relevant investors for upcoming events. We strongly encourage you to participate in this training, as our experiences show that the transition from researcher to an entrepreneur is often being underestimated and requires a fundamental change into a more market oriented thinking.
Please note that the selection committee reserves the right, even at the very last moment, to withdraw a project if it believes that the quality of the presentation is insufficiently guaranteed.

The pitch training for HIHR-9 consists of the following parts:

1. Pitching is selling. Your main goal is to attract attention and to win a face2face meeting with a VC. Do not merely present a technology but rather tell an appealing business story. Check out here the Pointers for creating a focused, effective investor pitch and practice !

2. Introductory webinars: Thanks to our partners we offer two introductory webinars in which investors tell what they want to hear and how they want you to present your story:
    – J-Labs in collaboration with INKEF Capital: Don’t go Pitching in the Dark: How to Navigate Investor Interactions – April 2020
    – INKEF Capital: How to boost the chances of your project success from day one (and secure the investors‘ money too) – April 2021
Selected pitchers will receive a link to these respective webinars.

3. Online Pitch try-out training sessions on Wednesday October 20.
A panel of experts, consisting of investors, corporates and KTO-experts will provide direct feed-back and share practical tips on effective presentation skills and increasing your chances of successful fundraising. On this occassion we organise two sessions in parallel, with the following panel members:
   Ivan Burkov & Amanda Stenbaek – INKEF Capital
   Sandra Cauwenberghs – Galapagos
   Paul S Soons – JNJ-Innovation
   Bart Laenen & Jerre Edens – Arnold&Siedsma / LC Patents
   Bram Perdu – KULeuven
   Annick Houbrechts – ULiège
   Clemens Ostrowicz – ULuxembourg
   Daisy Flamez – UGhent
   Louise Hoppel – Radboud UMC
   Carla van Heck – Wageningen University

We strongly encourage all our spin off initiatives to participate in this training. Throughout the years we have noticed that this training is key for delivering a successful pitch. We therefore have decided to offer this on line training to all our pitchers and ask them to try out and present their pitch to a panel of experts, who will provide feed-back and will share practical tips on effective presentation skills for investors and increasing your chances of successful fundraising.
QF-teams are welcome to join this session as auditor as well. If you are interested in joining this session, then please send an email to claar-els@hihr.eu

4. All powerpoint pitch presentations will be reviewed by our selection committee. Based on this review a last 1:1 call might be offered for individual coaching of your presentation, running up to the final presentation day.

Investor registration

HIHR is an invitation-only event, which means that our network and pitch-events are not open to service providers. We therefore have no open registration system for investors or entrepreneurs. If you are interested in joining, you’re kindly requested to send an email to claar-els@hihr.eu to receive an invite for our next HIHR-edition, including a link to the online investor-registration form. 

We kindly invite you to mark your interest for the Quickfire sessions at the registration form before November 12 for planning purposes. Registrations after November 12 are scheduled based on availability. Your input to help these initiatives further shape their ideas is hugely valued; we would appreciate if you could contribute to at least two of these sessions, but you are welcome to participate in more initiatives.

After registration you will receive the syllabus with summaries of all spin off initiatives (pitch and QF-sessions) and Outlook invites with MS Teams links of the respective Quickfire sessions.

Pricing scheme

You can either participate by event tickets or via package deals.
Hereto we offer the following options:

– REGULAR TICKET à €350* per event – online access or free pass for 1 person in Leiden, November 16
– GROUP TICKET à €600* per event: unlimited online access plus 2 free passes in Leiden, November 16

You’re also welcome to opt for one of the following choices to support or extra endorse our platform. Both packages are available on a rolling base.
– HIHR SUPPORTING PACKAGE à €1000* a year: unlimited access to online events; 2 free passes per F2F edition; your company listed on our website with link to your own homepage; priority access to list of venture proposals and quickfire sessions;
– HIHR SPONSOR à €5000* a year: unlimited access to on line events; 5 pp per F2F edition; reference as partner on website with logo; contributions to our training/coaching/expert event; exposure as actively supporting the creation of a Benelux platform; priority access to list of venture proposals and quickfire sessions.

 * all amounts are ex 21% VAT.

By contributing to the HIHR platform you will:
– on the one hand get easy access to plans of new spin-off initiatives that fit your investment portfolio and meet the teams behind them;
– on the other hand strengthen the HIHR spin-off-VC platform by providing input to young teams that are eager to learn from your expertise;
– and support Healthcare innovators in the Benelux – one of the key themes of the EC.

KTO/Spin Off event registration and pricing scheme

KTO-professionals and Spin off representatives are requested to sign up for the HIHR-event via this online registration form. We kindly request each person to register individually.

We warmly invite all KTO-professionals to contribute to the quickfire sessions, share your expertise and thereby help other initiatives shaping their future venture. You can mark your interest at the registration form preferably before November 12, for planning purposes. Registrations after November 12 are scheduled based on availability.

After registration you will receive the syllabus with summaries of all spin off initiatives, followed by Outlook invites with MS Teams link of the respective sessions.

Pricing scheme
Affiliated PRO’s are entitled to join the f2f event with a 2 or 3 people in person*, including KTO-staff as well as spin off representers (see schedule hereunder); extra people are welcome to join, in which case an additional invoice will follow according to the following pricing scheme:
    – €100 for the first extra person
    – €80 for the second extra person
    – €60 for any third and more extra persons
      all amounts are ex 21% VAT.
Additional invoices will be sent to the KTO in question, unless any other invoice address will be mentioned.

All affiliated PRO’s are offered unlimited access to our pitch sessions via our online connection as well as to our online Quickfire sessions.

* The number of free passes is related to the affiliation to HIHR. Single institutions are entilted to 2 free passes for f2f-attendance per event. Double institutions (representing a regular university plus an academic hospital or other combination of research institutions) get free access to 3 people.
Single institutions: Universities of Hasselt, Namur, Mons, Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen, Erasmus MC as well as IMEC, VIB, LIH, NKI, Oncode
Double institutions: Universities & Medical Centres of Antwerp, Ghent, KU Leuven, Liège, UC Louvain, ULB, VUB, Groningen, Leiden, Radboud, Utrecht, UVA, VU as well as the KNAW. 


!! Please inquire after our special sponsor-deal !!

Our events are not possible without the support of our sponsors. If you feel positive towards our initiative, value our unique and strong focus or would like to actively help young academic entrepreneurs, then we encourage you to become one of our sponsors. By sponsoring HIHR you contribute to building up and strengthening the academic Benelux venture ecosystem. It enables you to directly support the young entrepreneurs, by actively contributing to pitch training and/or 1:1 coaching and by priority seating at the quick fire sessions. At the same time your financial support enables us to maintain our independency, increase the professionalism of our pitches and further elaborate our initiative into a Benelux academic venture forum.

Please contact claar-els@hihr.eu for further information on sponsoring options.

Call for nomination for Pitch presentations for START UP MODULE - deadline CLOSED

New Spin-off initiatives, actively seeking a first venture capital investment that want to present their investment opportunity to our network of investors, entrepreneurs and corporates by means of a pitch are kindly invited to apply for a pitch via this nomination form. In addition to the nomination form, we request a short 10-minute conversation via MS Teams to briefly explain the application. Please note that nominations will have to be handed in via the respective TTO-office. Deadline for handing in these nominations for HIHR-9 is set on SEPTEMBER 24.
The selection committee will review all nominations and set up a program. You will be notified on a possible placement for a pitch and further deadlines second half of October.

Based on the positive experience of our Quickfire sessions we’ve decided to extend this format to pitchers and offer a seperate QF-session in addition to their pitch. With this extra service we intend to accommodate them with more in depth discussions with interested investors on their investment opportunity, after their pitch. This way we hope to better serve venture projects, seeking VC-funding, especially during our online editions and thereby compensate for the limited networking facilities. There is no need to apply separately for this QF-session – this can simply be marked on the pitch-nomination form. Schedules and logistics for these QF-sessions will be communicated in October as well.

Call for nomination for Pitch presentations for SCALE UP MODULE - deadline CLOSED

HIHR-alumni projects that are seeking Series A funding are welcome to nominate their company for the investor lounge, organised by EIT-Health. The registrationfee for this more elaborate proces will be waved during this first try-out collaboration. The nomination- and selection procedure for this investor lounge follows an entirely separate traject. Please visit the website of EIT-Health for additional information on conditions and selection process and to nominate your company.

Registration for Quickfire sessions - deadline CLOSED

Following the success of our previous editions, dedicated quickfire sessions will be offered to researchers with very early stage concepts of ideas. These Quickfire sessions are highly valuated, since they provide an unique opportunity to entrepreneurial teams to briefly present, test and discuss their early-stage venture project or business case with a small group of investors/entrepreneurs/KTO-professionals (max. group size of 12 persons, incl TTO/presenter) in an informal and intimate atmosphere. Aim of these small-scale meetings is to lead to a strong interaction between the participants on a (future or existing) business case. In scheduling these meetings, we will tailor the audience as much as possible to the business area of the initiative at hand, i.e. med tech, diagnostics, therapeutics, biotech, e-Health, data-science etc.

Early stage ideas or existing business cases interested in a quickfire session with stakeholders are welcome to register their initiative via this QF-registration form. Registrations will have to be handed in via the respective TTO-office. Deadline for handing in these registration forms is set on SEPTEMBER 24, 2021. Actual take place and allocation of slots is based on investor interest and availability. Schedules and logistics for these QF-sessions, taking place in week 46 and 47, will be communicated in October.

Participating academic institutions in the Benelux

Radboud umc
TU Delft
Wageningen University & Research

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