HIHR-7 planned first half of November 2020

The 7th edition of HIHR is planned on the 10th of November 2020 tentatively. Depending on the Covid19 restrictions after summer, we will decide on the format later (online or F2F).
The call for nomination is already open and spin off opportunities are welcome to sign up for either a pitch presentation or a quick fire session.

Call for nomination for pitch presentations – deadline September 1

New Spin-off initiatives that want to present their investment opportunity to our network of investors, entrepreneurs and corporates by means of a pitch are kindly invited to appply for a pitch via this nomination form. Deadline for handing in these nominations is set on Tuesday the 1st of September.
The selectie committee will review all nominations and set up a program. You will be notified on a possible placement and further deadlines in August.

Registration for quickfire sessions - deadline September 15

In addition to plenary pitching sessions, dedicated “quickfire sessions” will be offered. Here small scale shaping meetings offer entrepreneurial teams/KTOs the possibility to briefly present and discuss their venture concept or early-stage venture project with a small group of investors/ entrepreneurs/KTO-professionals (max. group size of 8 persons, incl TTO/presenter). Aim of these small-scale meetings is to lead to a strong interaction between the participants. In scheduling these meetings, we will tailor the audience as much as possible to the business area of the initiative at hand, i.e. med tech & diagnostics; therapeutics & biotech; e-Health, data-science etc.

Early stage ideas interested in a quickfire session with stakeholders are welcome to register their initiative via this registration form.
Deadline for handing in these registration forms is set on Tuesday September 15


Our events are not possible without the support of our sponsors.
If you feel positive towards our initiative, value our unique and strong focus or would like to actively help young academic entrepreneurs, then we encourage you to become one of our sponsors. By sponsoring HIHR you contribute to building up and strengthening the academic Benelux venture ecosystem. It enables you to directly support the young entrepreneurs, by actively contributing to pitch training and/or 1:1 coaching and by priority seating at the quick fire sessions. At the same time your financial support enables us to maintain our independency, stay away from service providers, increase the professionalism of our pitches and further elaborate our initiative into a Benelux academic venture forum.

Please contact claar-els@hihr.eu for further information on sponsoring options.

J-Labs Pitch Training

Our strategic partner Johnson&Johnson Innovation will offer all spin off teams a pitch-training event. We strongly encourage all our spin off initiatives to participate in this training – we expect pitchers at our event to have followed this or comparable training, as such training is key for a delivering a successful pitch.
There will be room for two to three of our selected Spin Offs (on a first come, first serve base) to try out and present their pitch to a panel of experts, who will provide feed-back and will share practical tips on effective presentation skills for investors and increasing your chances of successful fundraising.

We expect to announce the date and location of this training (in case of a physical event) shortly after summer.

Participating academic institutions in the Benelux, incl their UMC’s

Preferred partner

Silver partner